Got to Teach!: Four Corners: A Cooperative Learning Strategy (Post 4 of 5)

Four Corners: A Cooperative Learning Strategy (Post 4 of 5)

Four Corners: A Cooperative Learning Strategy

Thanks for checking out this post on using "Four Corners" as a cooperative learning activity in the classroom.  If you would like to view the other posts in this series of Cooperative Learning Strategies, you can find them here: "Expert Groups," "Q&A Match-Up," and "Circle Chats."

How It Works:

  1. Choose four aspects of a topic that your class is currently focusing on.
  2. Assign each of these aspects to a corner (or an area) of your room.
  3. Present the topic and the four related aspects to the whole group and give the students some "think time."
  4. Students can then choose a corner to discuss the topic.
  5. Representatives from each corner can share what their respective groups discussed.

Why I Love This:

  1. Student Choice:  Students LOVE when they are given an opportunity to choose.  They feel more empowered and respected, and thus take far more ownership over the outcome of the assignment.
  2. Various Perspectives: The students are exposed to many different view-points in their corner, which can lead to great discussion.
  3. Easily Prepared: This activity requires very little preparation on the teacher's part.  The teacher simply needs to think of four (+/-) areas that he/she would like the students to discuss and then send them on their way.
  4. Easy Implementation: This activity can take as little as five minutes and requires no advanced set-up (e.g. chairs set up, group formations, etc.), so teachers can use it instantaneously and then quickly return to the lesson.
If you're feeling like a lesson needs a quick boost of engagement, keep this strategy in mind!


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