Got to Teach!: Standards for Mathematical Practices {Free Posters}

Standards for Mathematical Practices {Free Posters}

I've been in "math mode" for the last several weeks as I have been working on my Brain Power Math resources.  I started to take a serious look at the CC Standards for Mathematical Practices. These 8 Practices can really empower your students as mathematicians.  I made this set of legal-sized (8.5 x 14) posters to help teachers and students understand and use the practices.  You can download them for free {HERE}.  I printed this set at my local FedEx Office for $5.10!
Standards for Mathematical Practices

Each standard needs to be explicitly taught to students through direct modeling.  However, once students become familiar with them, these posters will be helpful visual cues in your classroom.

Standards for Mathematical Practices

If you are looking for a nice break down of each of the 8 MP, check out this post from Scholastic.  It provides some really helpful examples of each.


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