Got to Teach!: I Can’t “Picture” Myself Teaching Without This!

I Can’t “Picture” Myself Teaching Without This!

As teachers we all have a few (or several:-) classroom "must-haves" that we will never be without.  Whether its a special brand of pens or the perfect staple remover, there are those special items that we must have in our classrooms at all time.  I have gotten together with the bloggers over at Upper Elementary Snapshots to tell you about my Classroom Must Haves. Let's face it...these are the things I can't "Picture" myself teaching without! Plus, be sure to check out how to collect lots of "Must Have" freebies and enter our Giveaway at the bottom of this post!

1. Must Have Supply

If there was just ONE classroom management tool I could have, it would definitely be this visual Time Timer. When it comes to teaching time management, this timer is a gem! I use it for unpacking and getting settled in the morning, independent work time, and clean up at the end of the day.  I even use it to keep myself of track while teaching.  

2. Must Have Book

Every year I start my read aloud with Crash by Jerry Spinelli.  The kids LOVE it because its hilarious and the characters are very relatable to both boys and girls.  I love it because it has a powerful message about bullying and friendship, which is perfect for setting the tone of classroom community at the start of the year. 

3. Must Have Resource

I also couldn't "picture" myself teaching without my 5-A-Day Spiral Reviews for Math and Language.  I waste no time previewing and reviewing important concepts with my students.  I begin with whole group lessons where I model and discuss each of the activities. I don't worry too much if there hasn't been a formal lessons on a particular concept; I treat those items more of a preview. After a few weeks, the students really start grasping the format and I can begin to transfer the workload to them. Eventually, when the students are working independently on the review, you will simply spend time correcting and discussing their work in class

4. Must Have FREE Resource

Get your classroom ready with these Common Core Mathematical Practices Posters! They will not only brighten up your room, but they will also serve as a great visual reminder of the 8 practices .

After you've downloaded my freebie be sure to visit each of the blogs below to add 12 more FREE RESOURCES to your own collection of things you can't picture yourself teaching without. Afterwards swing by our collaborative blog, Upper Elementary Snapshots for lots of great content and ideas you can put into practice in your own classrooms as well as a chance to win gift cards to Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Teachers Pay Teachers so you can stock up on your own Classroom Must Haves.


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