Got to Teach!: Teaching Word Analogies

Teaching Word Analogies

Using word analogies with your students is one of the most effective ways build vocabulary and critical thinking skills. Analogies force students to examine the relationships between words, and in doing so, they gain a better understanding of the subtle nuances of word meanings.  Because of their great instructional value, I include analogy word work in my language spiral reviews and Greek and Latin vocabulary programs.  

I often hear from teachers that they love using my analogies, but that they can be difficult to introduce to students. To assist with this, I have created a FREE Types of Analogies Mini-Book for you to share with your students.

The mini-book is pretty simple to assemble.  Simply fold (in both directions) on the grey lines.  Then cut on the dotted lines.  Your students can keep these handy and use as a reference with they need help with completing analogies.

Hope you are your students get great use out of this little "teaching tool"!


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